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Feeds & Catalogs

Learn what a feed is, why it's important, and how Easy Ads for Facebook automatically creates and optimizes your feeds and catalogs.

What is a Feed?

A Feed is a file that contains information about your products.

The purpose of using feeds is to send product data from your store to marketing channels (i. E Facebook, Google, Amazon) and run e-commerce shopping ad campaigns.

More specifically, the product data submitted through the feed is used to:

  • Determine the quality of your campaign
  • Indicate if a specific product should show up or not.

Feeds are required to run dynamic ads and play an essential role in the performance of your campaign.

Feed & Catalog Creation

Easy Ads for Facebook creates product feeds and catalogs without your input.

During your campaign creation, Easy Ads for Facebook creates the necessary product feeds and catalogs in the backend. Easy Ads for Facebook also updates your product feed based on your selected pricing plan.