Case Study

Medical Supplies

Specific client details withheld for confidentiality.

  • About Our Client: Our client, a skilled freelance digital marketer, specializes in managing online advertising campaigns. They were tasked with enhancing the digital presence of a business in the medical supplies industry, known for providing essential medical products.
  • The Challenge: Working within a stringent budget of 10 GBP per day, the freelance marketer faced the challenge of maximizing online ad efficiency for their client. The objective was to achieve the highest possible return on ad spend (ROAS) within the limited budget, catering to the specific needs of the medical supplies market.

The Solution: Targeted Digital Marketing on a Fixed Budget

Key Features and Implementation:

  • A funnel for Varied Collections: Our app empowered the client to design a distinct advertising funnel for different product groups. The funnel represents a complete buyer journey, effectively engaging customers whether they're just discovering the brand or considering a repeat purchase
  • Personalized Ad Creatives from Product Feeds: The tool uses the client's product feeds to automatically generate ad creatives. This means every customer sees the products they're most likely to be interested in, ensuring a high degree of personalization. This feature eliminated the need for the client to manually create numerous individual ads for each product.
  • AI-Powered Funnel Automation: The app's AI capabilities automate the entire funnel process. From raising awareness to fostering loyalty, it intelligently segments audiences and delivers tailored messaging at each stage of the funnel.
  • Seamless Integration and Simplified Management: Integrating effortlessly with the client's existing systems,they were using Shopify, Easy Ads for Facebook Ads streamlined their advertising operations. The client could easily tag products to be featured in specific funnels, with the system updating hourly to reflect customer interactions and behaviors.
  • Effective and Efficient Ad Optimization: The AI-driven approach also extended to budget optimization. The app automatically adjusted ad spending based on performance, ensuring optimal ROI. This feature was particularly crucial for our client, allowing them to efficiently allocate resources across their extensive product range.

Results and Impact: Notable Increase in Orders and Revenue on a Basic Plan

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Significant Order Volume: The client saw a substantial increase in order volume, with 244 orders generated in the last 30 days.
  • Increased Revenue: Revenue saw a significant boost, reaching 10,267.28 GBP during the same period.
  • High ROAS: The client achieved an impressive ROAS of 3.58, showcasing the efficiency of the advertising spend.

Potential for Growth with AI Optimization:

The current success was achieved on a basic plan with a fixed budget. There is an opportunity for considerable growth. By opting for our Pro Plan and utilizing AI budget optimization, the revenue could potentially double, offering an even greater return on investment.

Conclusion: Despite operating on a strict budget, our client in the medical supplies niche has experienced remarkable success through our funnel approach. The case demonstrates that even with financial limitations, effective digital strategies can lead to significant business growth.

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