Case Study

Traditional Indian Jewelry

Specific client details withheld for confidentiality.

  • About Our Client: Our client is a prominent retailer in the Traditional Indian Jewellery market. Their online store showcases an exquisite collection of over 600 unique jewelry pieces, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of India. The store's aesthetic appeal and reasonable pricing make it a preferred choice for customers seeking authentic and high-quality jewelry.
  • The Challenge: The client faced significant challenges in marketing their extensive product catalog. Their growing range of unique items required a sophisticated advertising strategy that could accommodate the diversity of their products and target the right audience effectively. Additionally, they struggled with managing a cost-effective advertising budget.

The Solution: Strategic Digital Marketing for an Expansive Product Range

Key Features and Implementation:

  • A funnel for Varied Collections: Our app empowered the client to design a distinct advertising funnel for different product groups. The funnel represents a complete buyer journey, effectively engaging customers whether they're just discovering the brand or considering a repeat purchase.
  • Personalized Ad Creatives from Product Feeds: The tool uses the client's product feeds to automatically generate ad creatives. This means every customer sees the products they're most likely to be interested in, ensuring a high degree of personalization. This feature eliminated the need for the client to manually create numerous individual ads for each product.
  • AI-Powered Funnel Automation: The app's AI capabilities automate the entire funnel process. From raising awareness to fostering loyalty, it intelligently segments audiences and delivers tailored messaging at each stage of the funnel.
  • Seamless Integration and Simplified Management: Integrating effortlessly with the client's existing systems,they were using Shopify, Easy Ads for Facebook Ads streamlined their advertising operations. The client could easily tag products to be featured in specific funnels, with the system updating hourly to reflect customer interactions and behaviors.
  • Effective and Efficient Ad Optimization: The AI-driven approach also extended to budget optimization. The app automatically adjusted ad spending based on performance, ensuring optimal ROI. This feature was particularly crucial for our client, allowing them to efficiently allocate resources across their extensive product range.

Results and Impact: Dramatic Growth in Orders and Revenue

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Significant Increase in Orders: The client received 405 orders in the last 30 days, indicating a substantial growth in sales.
  • Impressive Revenue Generation: The revenue soared to 768,095.4 INR (approximately 9211.65 USD) in the same period.
  • Unprecedented ROAS of 16.95: The strategic approach resulted in an extraordinary ROAS of 16.95, showcasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Conclusion: The client's success story is a testament to the power of targeted digital marketing in the e-commerce sector. The combination of a well-designed online store, competitive pricing, and sophisticated advertising strategies led to remarkable sales growth and an impressive return on investment.

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“I run a traditional Indian jewellery shop. Working with Easy Ads has made a big difference. They made special ads for our many products. We now sell more and earn more. Our ads cost less but work better. Very happy with the results. Thank you!”

Rohan Patel

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