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Why Easy Ads for Facebook?

A few years ago, launching a conversion ad on Facebook was more than enough to get a successful ad campaign going. But since then, a lot of businesses have jumped on the opportunity, making Facebook Ads much more competitive and a lot harder for e-commerce merchants like yourself.

Today, only businesses that have a solid marketing strategy are competitive enough to actually make it on Facebook Ads.

A good marketing strategy consists of understanding your customer’s journey from being a cold prospect until they become a loyal repeat buyer. This process is called a marketing funnel.

Setting up a marketing strategy manually can be a daunting task. You have to create different audiences for each funnel stage, setup a different ad creative for each product and once you make sure everything is correctly set up, you need to keep an eye on your metrics and optimize your ads accordingly for maximum performance.

This is why we’ve built Easy Ads. The AI ad solution that helps elevate your business with a fully automated advertising funnel that will get you consistent sales and maximize your return on ad spend.

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I used to spend at least 3-4 hours a day managing and optimizing ads for different stores. With Easy Ads, the pre-made advertising funnel and AI optimization transformed those hours into minutes!

Abdelhadi Taya

E-commerce entrepreneur


What is Easy Ads for Facebook?

Everything you need to launch profitable Facebook ads for your Shopify store.

In just a few steps, you can setup a powerful advertising strategy that converts cold prospects into repeat buyers.

Easy ads setup

Automated ad strategy

Quickly find success with ads

Analytics at a glance


Using Easy Ads for Facebook means you'll no longer stress about:

Spending hours planning ads.

AI applies an advertising funnel strategy that is proven to convert traffic into sales.

Creating ad campaigns.

It takes exactly 3 clicks to launch the perfect campaign.

Targeting the right audiences.

AI finds and builds audiences that are proven to be interested in products like yours.

Designing ad creatives.

AI uses your existing product images to generate hyper-personalized ads.

Buying product feed apps.

AI creates and updates your product feeds and catalogs on schedule.

Scaling your ads.

AI monitors your ads’ performance and takes action to decrease/increase your budget accordingly.

Key Features

Turn website visitors into loyal customers

Easily activate your pre-made advertising funnel to amass brand awareness and attain consistent sales throughout the year.

Target better audiences

Take the guesswork out of targeting! Target profitable, untapped audiences, that are proven to be interested in products in your niche.

Retarget website visitors

Remind visitors of products they checked on your website with ads that pique their curiosity and prompt them to purchase.

Convert potential customers

Encourage audiences that expressed interest in your products to purchase with ads inspire them to urgently take action.

Increase your LTV (Lifetime Value)

Retarget existing customers with special offers to prompt them to purchase from you again and maximize your profit.

Enable AI optimization

Scale your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) by letting AI increase and/or decrease your advertising budgets based on ad performance.

Measure performance

Keep track of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in real-time with a clear dashboard that makes sense to you.

Leverage discounts

Power your sales with your store discounts to encourage people on the fence to take action and purchase your product.

Automated feed management

Easy ads creates and syncs your product catalog with Facebook so that your are are always fresh and updated.

Scale your ROAS

AI monitors your ads’ performance and takes action on your ads’ targeting and budget to maximize ROI.



Target people on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger that are interested in brands similar to yours and have previously expressed purchased products like yours. No interest analysis, filtering, or planning is required! Nurture your funnel with qualified audiences that fit your ideal customer personas.



Trigger consideration of your brand by retargeting website visitors that expressed interest in your products—but didn't purchase—with personalized ads. No custom audience, product feed, or catalog creation is required! It's all done for you by Easy Ads..



Encourage window shoppers that expressed a desire in purchasing your products with ads that urge them to take action ASAP. These are prospects on the fence, that triggered an add to cart event (ATC) or initiate checkout event (IC) but didn't purchase.



Want to increase your profit at a low cost? Turn first-time customers into regular clients by motivating them to buy from you again. Build your brand word of mouth to form a loyal base od brand advocates and boost your LTV (Lifetime Value).


With so many businesses to manage, setting up a complete advertising funnel the traditional way is a daunting, time-consuming task. Using Easy Ads was our saving grace! It’s super easy to get ads up and running and let the app control ad spend.

Yousef Khalidi

Ecommerce Entrepreneur & Co-founder @ Lightfunnels


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Case Studies

New Businesses Get Sales With Easy Ads

Learn how AI-driven funnels transformed the businesses and lives of our customers


Loved by businesses worldwide.

These users tried Easy Ads for Facebook for weeks, here’s what they have to say:

    • starstarstarstarstar

      I was having issues with setting this all up, however Milenni was always pleasant, and understanding of my needs as well as my learning speeds by providing me with clear instructions and links on how to resolve certain issues. Thank you so much to EasyAds team and especially Milenni with the abundance of patience she has for me.

      Shock Stream
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      Incredible customer service. They helped improve my store in order for my campaigns to work better. Thank you to them.

      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      One of the biggest concerns for a small business like mine is cost, but Easy Ads has been budget-friendly. It helped me allocate my ad spend wisely and maximize the results within my budget constraints.

      Semal Handicrafts
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      I'm a big fan, It has been great to set up I'm making sales! highly recommend

      Uptown Loafers
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar


      Adrika Fashion Shop
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      I'm on Day Two of my Easy Ads trial, and so far I'm very impressed. The app makes it super simple to launch a campaign that seems reasonable. I was a bit worried about the performance of the campaign after day 1, since it wasn't as good as other campaigns I've set up myself manually in the past. I reached out to customer support and Maria was very quick to answer my questions, and provide guidance. We'll see how the campaign performs going forward but, so far, I can't recommend this app enough.

      Hunky Tops
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      I just tried out the easyads for my Shopify Dropshipping store for free Trial! I don't know about their performance in the store as i didn't care about it. But their customer service was excellent! They had resolved my issue within 2-3 days. I was charged for the app in my shopify bill so i initiated the refund request to them. To my surprise, I got my refund within 2 days. This 5 star rating is for their customer service! I will update about their impact on my shopify store after the proper use!

      KUTTY's SHOP
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      I just got first sale on my shopify after installing Easy ads. This is easy to use app. Recommened

      HANAA The Collectio
      on Shopify
    • starstarstarstarstar

      very good application and very good support i highly recommend easy ads coz this guied me very well. please take a trail and start grow your business

      Classy Jewellz
      on Shopify

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Uygar Turantekin

Founder @ AOP

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